Voting & Elections

How do I register to vote?

If you have a valid Indiana Drivers License or Indiana ID Card you may now register online. Click here to visit Indiana Voters Website to register.

You may also visit the Floyd County Clerk's Website for additional information on registering to vote. 

Voting district maps for Commissioners and County Council members

Unsure of your voting district? Click on a link below to view the Floyd County Voting Districts.

Where to Vote / Find Polling Places

To locate a polling place (vote center) in Floyd County please visit the Floyd County Clerk's Website

Who is running for Office?

For more information on candidates running for office please visit the Floyd County Clerk's Website

What are the election results for Floyd County?

The election results can be located by visiting the Floyd County Clerk's Office website

How do I run for a political office in Floyd County?

For more information on filing the paperwork to run for office in Floyd County please visit the Floyd County Clerk's Website or review the Indiana Election Division website.

How do I volunteer to work at a polling site in Floyd County on election day?

For more information on becoming a volunteer poll worker please contact the Floyd County Clerk's Office.