Land, Property & Roads

How do I apply for a Building Permit?

To apply for a building permit please click here to visit the Floyd County Building & Development for more information.

How do I submit a Drainage Investigation Request?

Please contact the Floyd County Stormwater Department for more information on submitting a Drainage Investigation Request.

How do I confirm a zoning property classification or ask a question about zoning relating to a building or subdivision?

Contact the Floyd County Building & Development Services 812-981-7611 to verify property classification and for more zoning related questions.


What are the jurisdictions to report a problem on a Floyd County road?

The Highway and Public Works department has provided jurisdictional maps to assist residents in determining if their road is within the County’s jurisdictional control. A resident can also call 812.948.5466 for assistance.

How can I check Indiana road conditions?

The following websites include real time traffic data throughout Indiana.

INDOT - Indiana's Real-Time Traffic Conditions

IN Dept. of Homeland Security Travel Advisory

How do I report a Pothole/Hazardous Road Condition on a County Road?

The Floyd County Highway Department is responsible for the repair of all Floyd County bridges and patching of all county roads and highways.* 

*Please note the Floyd County Highway Department is responsible for County roads and not for streets within the City of New Albany limits. Please contact the City of New Albany Street Department concerning potholes on city streets.

Contact Floyd County Highway Department


812.923.3041 / 812.923.9472

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[email protected]