Welcome to Open Door Youth Services. We are Southern Indiana’s source for youth activities and community growth.

Youth Services VideoThe Floyd County Youth Services Bureau was officially established on August 9, 1982. A grant was secured from the Juvenile Justice Institute for renovation and first year operating expenses for a shelter for troubled children and youth. In addition to grant money, thousands of dollars and man hours were contributed by the community. Since that time, numerous programs have been added in response to needs presented within the Southern Indiana community.

In 2012, a move to a newly renovated facility seemed the perfect opportunity to change the name to reflect our expanded programs, both qualitatively and geographically. Open Door was chosen because it seemed to indicate our acceptance of a responsibility to work with the most vulnerable children in the community. Open Door Youth Services is an accredited member of Indiana Youth Services Association, a member of IARCA, and An Association of Children and Family Services. Our programs reach as many as 4,000 children a year.


Open Door Youth Services VideoThe Floyd County Youth Services Bureau Open Door Youth Services has been serving our community since 1982. The Floyd County Youth Services Bureau Open Door Youth Services programs add positive influences to the lives of our young people. Sometimes the kids arrive because “home” isn’t such a good place to be. Sometimes they are brought because they’ve missed too much school, or the disagreements at home are out of control. Whatever the reason, the Floyd County Youth Shelter gives them a safe, supportive place to live.

The Youth Shelter provides residential care after a referral from the Department of Child Services or Juvenile Probation. The kids are assured of a safe and comfortable residence where they get personal attention from a full-time teacher and a licensed family therapist. The shelter provides a highly structured environment where children know what to expect as well as what’s expected of them. Relaxation is important, too. The kids have access to a library, TV’s, computers and outdoor recreation. The Floyd County Youth Shelter works hard to help kids succeed!

In 2003 only 4% of children placed stayed for more than 60 days. That number jumped to 55% by 2009.