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Floyd County Indiana Assessor's Office

The responsibilities of the County Assessor include all land and property transfers and splits, new construction in the county, land assessment, sales disclosures and sales validations, oversight of the plat room and mapping division and this office also handles all consents and estate and inheritance filing.

The Floyd County Plat room provides map and plat documentation for Floyd County. Plat Maps are available for viewing from Monday through Friday from 8:00am - 4:00pm in Room 100.

Property Tax Board of Appeals:

  • Terry Watson
  • David Riley
  • Robert Brooks
  • Greg McCartin

Property Tax Board of Appeals Meetings: 

To determine the next Property Tax Board of Appeals meeting please contact the Floyd County Assessor for the specific date and time.

Inheritance Tax Documents:

Provided below is the Indiana State Department of Revenue form required for a "Consent to Transfer Securities or Property". This form would need to be completed and submitted in triplicate to the Floyd County Assessor and following validation from the Floyd County Assessor form IH-14 may be presented to a financial institution or property holder.

Consent to Transfer Securities or Property Form (pdf)

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