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Floyd County Alcohol & Drug Department

The Floyd County Alcohol & Drug Department is certified by the Indiana Judicial Center to provide court administered alcohol and drug services. Our Current four year certification became effective January 2015.The Program operates under the jurisdiction of the Floyd County Court, the Honorable Judge James B. Hancock presiding.

The program is certified to accept referrals from within the criminal justice system. We accept Interstate and Intrastate transfers. The program provides the Courts with assessment, education, case-management and referral services. We keep the courts or referral agencies apprised of compliance and offer alcohol and drug testing. We conduct jail assessments, and make recommendations to the Court. We assist the community in addressing substance abuse related intervention, prevention, treatment and law enforcement initiatives.

Substance abuse is a pervasive threat in our society that seriously diminishes one’s ability to interact on a positive level with loved ones, peers, employer/employees and the community at large. Our goal is to reduce this threat by helping participants to change the quality of their lives. We attempt to identify problem areas in the client’s life through an assessment of their individual needs. We offer them the help to bring about and maintain a healthy change in lifestyle, reducing the possibility of again running afoul of the law, and to become functioning members of the community. This does not mean we are opposed to punishment for those who violate the law. We feel appropriate intervention and/or treatment offered as an adjunct to or in lieu of purely punitive sentencing can more effectively reduce the threat of re-offending posed by substance abuse offenders. Further, we feel that an offender ordered by a referring court to enroll in the program should be required to complete the appropriate terms or suffer sanctions for failure to comply. Failure to allow a participant to suffer the natural and logical consequences of their actions is an insidious form of enabling that should not be allowed.

Prime for Life Program - 12 Hour Program

Meeting times and location:

Monday 9 AM to 11 AM 
2 hours held in the Assembly Room - 3rd Floor- 6 Weeks

Wednesday 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM 
2 Hours held in the Floyd County Courtroom - 4th Floor- 6 Weeks

About Prime for Life

Prime for Life - Research Based Program

Prime for Life is a research based program developed by Prevention Research Institute (PRI), a non profit education organization headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. The content of prime for Life is based on multi-disciplinary research and contains over 900 bibliographical references.

For more than 15 years, Prime for Life has been tested and developed. Its content is carefully selected to achieve specific attitudinal and behavior change. Information is presented objectively and persuasively using documented research findings rather than opinion, exaggerations or scare tactics.

Prime for Life is typically taught for 12-20 hours and includes a student’s self assessment, individual and group activities.

We would not be so naïve as to suggest that Prime for Life will eliminate the drinking and driving problem. It will not. With new information, support and time, many DUI offenders are willing to explore new beliefs, and change behaviors—if the information presented is valid, the support is genuine and the benefits are clear.

Sometimes it seems nothing makes a difference with DUI offenders and the heartbreak they cause. They drink; they drive; and they drink and drive again. Unfortunately, no single solution for the problem of drinking and driving exists. Research does show, however, that a combination of a carefully designed education/therapeutic experience and sanctions can be an effective approach for addressing the problem and reducing recidivism.

To provide the DUI offender with the necessary sanctions, we rely on the legal system and its guidelines.

To provide the DUI offender with the necessary education, we rely on programs with proven impact....Prime for Life and the Flex Module Program designed by the Change Company.