Floyd County Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board

EMS Advisory Board Recommendations on Enhancing EMS Service

The Floyd County EMS Advisory Board has been working to improve the EMS service within Floyd County. We are tasked with recommending and implementing improvements to the EMS Response and pre-hospital emergency medical care for Floyd County and its communities. EMS operates at the crossroads between Health Care, Public Health and Public Safety. The FCEMSAB has reviewed all RFP’s, studies, and proposals that have been given to the county thus far. After much research, we recommend that the current EMS contract needs to be revised to reflect the following items regardless of which path is taken by the Floyd County Commissioners.

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The EMS Advisory Board is tasked to review, advise, make policy and operational and/or technical recommendations related to improving the delivery of Emergency Medical Services in Floyd County. The EMS Advisory Board oversees EMS operations within the county (outside the city limits), with the primary purpose of assuring quality pre-hospital emergency medical care. Advisory Board members serve at the pleasure of the Floyd County Commissioners.

Provision of EMS Services for Floyd County Indiana

Patient Satisfaction Survey

We would love to hear your feedback. If you, or someone you know, experienced any problems, or have a concern with the service provided, we would love to know.  If you have kind comments, we would love to pass them along. The EMS staff works very hard, and we would love to acknowledge their actions. If you, or someone you know, were recently transported by EMS, please give us some feedback by filling out this short survey by clicking on the green button below. 

Board Statement

The Floyd County EMS Advisory Board is currently working to improve EMS Service in Floyd County by analyzing and using the Fitch EMS Study and other appropriate EMS data. We need to understand the full EMS system and which areas need improvement. Our mission is to understand all components of the EMS System which include :

  • Agencies and organizations (911 dispatch, Fire Dept, EMS, Hospital)
  • Communications and transportation networks (telephone, 2-way radio, pre-hospital & post hospital care)
  • Trauma systems, hospitals, trauma centers, and specialty care centers
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Highly trained professionals

- Volunteer and Career pre-hospital personnel (Fire Department First Responders & EMT's, Advanced EMT's, and Paramedics)
- Physicians, Nurses, and Therapists
- Administration and Government Officials

  • An informed public that knows what to do in a medical emergency

We are tasked with recommending and implementing improvements to the EMS Response and pre-hospital emergency medical care for Floyd County and its communities. EMS operates at the crossroads between Health Care, Public Health, and Public Safety. A combination of the principles and resources of each is employed in the EMS System. As Floyd County data has shown, 65% of emergency responses made by all the County Fire Department are EMS/medical-related calls for service. Fire Department First Responders and EMT's are typically the first on-scene without delay in most cases and are the first form of pre-hospital care provided to the patient. It has been determined through data that there is a gap and delay between Fire Department Response and patient care and Ambulance Response and patient care for transport. This gap in service causes a delay in the patient receiving hospital care and can cause life-threatening consequences to the patient. The Fire Departments are an active and primary component of EMS in Floyd County. The Fire Department has consistently served Floyd County through the many private providers that have been contracted to service Floyd County in the past. The EMS board is aware that EMS has plagued Floyd County with many service deficiencies over the decades. The EMS board is diligently looking at facts and data to seek out the best options to improve EMS in Floyd County. At this time, we have determined the following issues;

  • There are no quality assurance and improvement measures in place to monitor EMS services and response times.
  • There are delays with ambulance response times and service within Floyd County.
  • There is not an appropriate amount of ambulances located in strategic areas throughout Floyd County.
  • There is not a dedicated funding source that generates revenue for EMS services.
  • The county is not paying for an appropriate number of ambulances to stage within the district to adequately respond to 911 calls for service. 

The EMS Advisory board is actively working to address these issues identified while continuing to do more research to improve EMS Services for those in need.