Contact Floyd County Indiana Government

Clerk Danita Burks 812.948.5411 [email protected]
Auditor Diana Topping 812.948.5435 [email protected]
Treasurer Steve Burks 812.948.5477 [email protected]
Recorder Lois Endris 812.948.5430 [email protected]
Sheriff Steve Bush 812.948.5400 [email protected]
Surveyor John G. Brinkworth, III 812.948.5490 [email protected]
Coroner Greg Roution 812.948.5478 [email protected]
Assessor Terry Watson 812.948.5420 [email protected]
Prosecutor Chris Lane 812.948.5422 [email protected]
Child Support Janice Allen 812.948.5475 [email protected]
Veterans Service Officer Marti Snyder 812.948.5495 [email protected]
County Council Brad Striegel 502-301-9923  [email protected]
County Council Connie Moon 502-641-8037 [email protected]
County Council  Tony Toran 502-489–1643 [email protected]
County Council  Danny Short 812-987-5638  [email protected]
County Council  Denise Konkle 502-819-9286  [email protected]
County Council  Jim Freiberger 502-457-1390 [email protected]
County Council Dale Bagshaw 812-989-0604  [email protected]
Board of Commissioners John Schellenberger 812.948.5466 [email protected]
Board of Commissioners  Al Knable 812.948.5466 [email protected]
Board of Commissioners Jason Sharp 812.948.5466 [email protected]
Director of Operations Don Lopp 812.948.4110 [email protected]
County Engineer Horacio Urieta 812.948.5441 [email protected]
County Road Department Office 812.948.4119 [email protected]
Building & Development Nick Creevy 812.948.5440 [email protected]
Superior Court Judge Carrie Stiller 812.948.5450 [email protected]
Superior Court II Judge James Hancock 812.948.5488 [email protected]
Superior Court III Judge Maria Granger 812.948.5257 [email protected]
Magistrate Court Magistrate Julie Flanigan 812.948.5486 [email protected] 
Circuit Court Judge Justin Brown 812.948.5455 [email protected] 
Probation Kelly Deuser 812.948.5448 [email protected]
Public Defender Matthew W. Lorch 812.981.0350 [email protected]
Dept. Weights & Measures Stephen Ingram 812.948.5351 [email protected]
Emergency Management Kent Barrow 812.948.5454 [email protected]
Solid Waste Management Dist. Scott Stewart 812.948.4733 [email protected]
Soil & Water District Angel Jackson 812.945.9936 [email protected]
Extension Office Janet Steffens 812.948.5470 [email protected] 
Community Corrections Daraius Randelia 812.948.5418 [email protected]
Health Department Charlotte Bass 812.948.4726 [email protected]
Floyd County Parks Matt Denison 812.948.5360 [email protected]
Storm Water Management Chris Moore 812.949.5446 [email protected]
Open Door Youth Shelter Leah Pezzarossi 812.948.5481 [email protected]
Director of IT Gary Bierman 812.981.3770 [email protected]