Commissioners Declare an Emergency Declaration for Floyd County Click here for more information

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Contact Floyd County Indiana Government

Clerk Danita Burks 812.948.5411
Auditor Jacqueline Wenning 812.948.5435
Treasurer Lois Endres 812.948.5477
Recorder Todd Scannell 812.948.5430
Sheriff Frank Loop 812.948.5400
Surveyor William Gibson 812.948.5490
Coroner Steve Burks 812.948.5478
Assessor James Sinks 812.948.5420
Prosecutor Keith Henderson 812.948.5422
Child Support Janice Allen 812.948.5475
Veterans Service Officer Glenn Hammack 812.948.5495
County Council Brad Striegel 502-301-9923
County Council Leslie Knable 812-987-4655
County Council  Tom Pickett 812-207-6529
County Council  Danny Short 812-987-5638
County Council  Denise Konkle 502-819-9286
County Council  Adam Roberts 812-903-0519
County Council Dale Bagshaw 812-989-0604
Board of Commissioners John Schellenberger 812.948.5466
Board of Commissioners  Shawn Carruthers 812.948.5466
Board of Commissioners Tim Kamer 812.948.5466
Director of Operations Don Lopp 812.948.4110
County Engineer William Gibson 812.948.5490
County Road Department Office 812.948.4119
Plan Commission Justin Tackett 812.948.5440
Superior Court Judge Susan Orth 812.948.5450
Superior Court II Judge James Hancock 812.948.5488
Superior Court III Judge Maria Granger 812.948.5257
Magistrate Court Magistrate Julie Flanigan 812.948.5486
Circuit Court Judge J. Terrance Cody 812.948.5455
Probation Kelly Deuser 812.948.5448
Public Defender Patrick Biggs 812.981.0350
Dept. Weights & Measures Stephen Ingram 812.948.5351
Emergency Management Kent Barrow 812.948.5454
Solid Waste Management Dist. Mary Lou Byerley 812.948.4733
Soil & Water District   812.945.9936  
Extension Office Janet Steffens 812.948.5470 
Community Corrections Karen Bell 812.948.5418
Health Department Charlotte Bass 812.948.4726
Floyd County Parks Roger Jeffers 812.948.5360
Storm Water Management Chris Moore 812.949.5446
Open Door Youth Shelter Leah Pezzarossi 812.948.5481
Director of IT Gary Bierman 812.981.3770