Floyd County Septic System Information

The Floyd County Health Department's Onsite Sewage System Program is governed by Rule 410 IAC 6-8.3 and local ordinances.  Our department issues permits and conducts inspections for:

  1. Residential and commercial onsite sewage systems (new construction and repair);
  2. Site approvals (exterior construction i.e. swimming pools, outbuildings, additions, underground utilites, etc; and
  3. Loan approvals (sale of a home). 

Please see below for more information about the inspections we conduct and required forms and documents.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 812-948-4726, option 2, option 1, or email us at [email protected].

Residential Onsite Sewage Systems:




**Property owners that are getting ready to build a new home in Floyd County should review the Homeowner Information Packet listed below and can select contractors from our “List of Contractors” section. 

* Documents can be submitted electronically to [email protected]


  • If your septic system is doing any of the following, please immediately notify FCHD and contact one of our Licensed Septic Installers to assess your system:
    • Septic System is leaking to the ground’s surface
    • Interior plumbing is draining slow or backing up into home
    • Alarm on pump is alerting you of an issue (Pump Replacements are only to be done by a Licensed Septic Installer)

* The Licensed Septic Installer will then coordinate with our office to come up with a solution for your property. 

* Floyd County Health Department requires permits ($75.00 fee) for most repairs to your septic system and/or replacement septic system, including pump replacements. 

* For financial hardships, you can visit the USDA Rural Grant/Loan website to see if you qualify for assistance. 

  • If any of the scenarios below apply to you, please contact the Floyd County Health Department at 812-948-4726, option 2, option 1 for more information.
    • Replacing an existing mobile home with a new, mobile home
    • Building a new home and trying to connect to existing septic system
    • Moving a portion of an existing septic system to accommodate a new structure (i.e. swimming pool, deck, garage, etc.)
    • Wanting to tie in washer lines into an existing lateral field
    • Existing structure damaged by fire, hail, tornado, or other natural disaster and wanting to re-build or replace structure

**You can request a record of your septic system by completing our Request for Public Records Form and emailing or faxing it to our office.  Please Note: Our office only has septic records dated back to 1974. 

Commercial On-Site Sewage Systems:

(must consult with Indiana State Department of Health for system sizing requirements)

Site Approvals

(Please be sure to read the requirements and stipulations of the inspection process prior to submitting application):

  • Site Approval Application (for construction of outbuilding, swimming pool, garage, fence, underground utilities, etc).
    • If remodeling a home and adding a bedroom(s), call the Health Department at 812-948-4726, option 2, option 1 for a consultation.

Becoming a Licensed Septic Installer

If you would like to become one of our licensed septic installers, our department offers an Installers Test (based off Indiana Rule 410 IAC 6-8.3 and is offered in three different sections (Gravity, Flood-Dosed, and Elevated Sand Mound). You can choose to take one or all of the sections. The exam is closed-book and you must score at least 82% to pass.  If you do not pass, you must wait 30 days to re-take the exam.  To help study for the exam, you can also visit IOWPA’s website and take their practice exam.  

  • Our department also honors the IOWPA exam in lieu of taking FCHD’s exam. Our department requires a copy of your IOWPA certification prior to issuing the Installer’s License.  
  • To become licensed in one of the Sand-lined system technologies or Subsurface Drip, you must contact that manufacturer to receive training. Once you have received certification, our department will require a copy of the certificate to keep on file.  
  • License Fees are $100.00 and are valid from August 1st to July 31st of each calendar year. A late fee of ½ the license fee will be assessed if payment is not received in the renewal time frame.    
  • Our department also requires site plans from Installers on sites were a licensed engineer/surveyor is not required. An example site plan is listed below.  


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