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Protection Orders 

The Process

There are two types of protection orders a petitioner can file against a respondent:  a Protection Order Issued After a Hearing and an Ex Parte Protection Order, which is issued without a hearing.

STEP 1:  Make a Request

During weekdays

During weekdays Monday through Friday a petitioner can either go to the Clerk’s Office in their county or the county where the incident occurred or the county where the respondent lives, or seek assistance from a Domestic Violence Advocate Agency. 

During weekends and holidays

During weekends and holidays, a petitioner can go to the Floyd County Jail, 311 Hauss Square, New Albany, Indiana, to request a protection order electronically on the public access computer.  Trained staff in the Sheriff’s Department can review your petition for completeness before it is submitted into the confidential system.  A Judge will review your petition within hours and notify the Sheriff’s Department if an Ex Parte Protection Order is issued and requires service on the respondent.  If an Ex Parte Protection Order is not issued, you should go to the Floyd Superior Court 3, court office, 311 Hauss Square, Room 421, New Albany, Indiana  47150 to receive the date for your hearing.  

STEP 2:  Complete the Required Forms

The petition and all confidential forms are to be completely filled out accurately and truthfully.  Sign up for electronic notifications at this stage.

STEP 3:  Review of Petition

The Judge will review the petition to determine if it will be granted or denied.  Judicial reviews occur daily during the weekday and weekend.  The Judge may also decide to schedule a hearing regarding the petition without issuing an ex parte order.

STEP 4:  Issue Ruling

If an ex parte order is granted, the court will provide a copy of the order for protection to the petitioner, as well as a copy for the Sheriff’s Department to be served on the Respondent.  If a hearing is scheduled, the petitioner should report to court and bring supporting documents and/or witnesses. 

STEP 5:  Serve Order

Once the order has been granted, the court or Sheriff will deliver a copy to the respondent.  The order will remain in effect until the date set by the Judge.

What is the Protection Order Registry

The electronic Protection Order Registry is provided by the Indiana Supreme Court Division of State Court Administration’s Judicial Technology and Automation Committee.  It provides the public and law enforcement with instant access to protection order information.  The online search of the registry allows a search to be conducted by case number or respondent’s name.  The case detail provides basic information about the order, including identifying information about the defendant and the order status.

To search for a protection order online, please visit:  https://mycourts.in.gov/porp

What are the Benefits of the Registry

●             Domestic Violence advocates can help victims petition for an order privately

●             Allows online public search of orders while keeping petition information confidential

●             Petitioners can sign up for text, email or fax updates

●             Orders print in English or Spanish

●             Law enforcement notified immediately with round the clock access to the Registry

●             Order information shared with FBI, increasing protection across state lines

●             The Registry’s Victim Notification service alerts the petitioner electronically when the order has been granted, served on the respondent, or is scheduled to expire.  The expiration notification is sent 60 days prior to the actual expiration date.  Notifications are provided when requested.

Text – Provide your cell number on the petition.  The Registry will send a text message to your phone.  Note that not all cell service providers are supported and standard text messaging rates apply.

Email – Provide your email address on the petition.  The Registry will send you an email.

Fax – Provide a fax number on the petition.  The appropriate notification will be faxed to the number provided.

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