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Update on Floyd County Court Operations

Updated from the Floyd County Circuit and Superior Courts and Magistrate Court

March 19th

The Judges of the Floyd Circuit and Superior Courts and the Floyd County Magistrate have received an Order from the Indiana Supreme Court on their Petition pursuant to Administrative Rule 17, which was filed in response to the emergency caused by COVID-19. A copy of the Supreme Court Order can be found by clicking here. Pursuant to the Order which gives all of the Floyd County Judges and Magistrate broad discretion on how to handle cases pending in his or her court, the Judges and Magistrate are currently evaluating all cases individually for handling. Thus, if you have a case pending with a hearing date, you must appear in Court unless otherwise notified by the Court. Attorneys and litigants are also encouraged to check the status of individual cases on mycase.in.gov and by contacting the court.


It continues to be ordered, in an effort to reduce exposure to COVID-19, that only named parties and defendants and their attorneys should come to court hearings. Members of the public who need to do court business or business in the Clerk's Office in the City-County Building are ordered to only come into the building to do essential tasks which cannot wait until the current COVID-19 health emergency concludes. Family members and friends of litigants and of those doing court business or business in the Clerk's Office are ordered to stay home or remain outside City-County Building. Any litigant who is sick should request a continuance.

Circuit Court (812) 948-5455
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Superior Court 2 (812) 948-5488
Superior Court 3 (812) 948-5257
Magistrate Court (812) 948-5486
Floyd County Clerk (812) 948-5411

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