Floyd County Emergency Management Agency:

The Floyd County Emergency Management Agency is responsible for strategic planning and organizational management of natural and man made disasters occuring in Floyd County. Floyd County's Emergency Management Agency works closely with state and federal agencies such as FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security.

Floyd County EMA Dissemination Plan
The Floyd County Emergency Management Agency has released the following Emergency Information Dissemination plan for the residents of Floyd County. Please click on the link below to review and become familar with the plan.

Floyd County EMA Dissemination Plan (pdf)


Locate Important Documents to Prepare for Severe Weather

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security advises Hoosiers to locate important documents before disaster strikes. Having access to these documents can expedite the recovery process.

According to a 2013 survey of Hoosiers, more than half of Indiana households who responded did not have important and hard-to-replace documents safely stored and had not included copies of them as part of a preparedness kit in the event of a disaster or emergency. It is helpful to have these documents organized and safely stored regardless, and now can be a good time to set a goal of gathering these documents as part of tax preparation.

“Having important financial and other documents organized in a safe place can be very helpful in the event of an emergency,” said IDHS Senior Public Information Officer John Erickson. “We also encourage Hoosiers to have copies of important and hard-to-replace documents in a ‘grab-and-go’ box or folder should it become necessary to quickly evacuate their home. The November tornadoes are an example of the importance of having vital documents stored properly.”

Below is a list of important and often hard-to replace documents to consider making copies of so they can be taken along in the event of an evacuation. Erickson says a binder, expandable file or box is fine, as long as it’s portable and to remember that most of these documents will be copies. He adds to always be sure to store originals in a secure, dry place like a fire safe or lockbox. Having important information in one place is invaluable, whether or not there is an emergency.

IDHS suggests gathering and copying:

  • Vital records: birth certificates; marriage licenses; passports; adoption records; property and auto records (deeds, titles, leases); insurance policies (auto, home, renter’s, umbrella policies)
  • Document locator: tells others where originals are stored
  • Financial information: list of all bank account numbers; copies of the front and back of each credit card; list of all retirement, pension, investment account numbers; mortgage and loan information; payroll and benefit information
  • Medical information: copies of health, life and disability insurance cards and policies; medical history of each family member; list of medications and prescriptions, including dose and pharmacy; details about any ongoing treatments or conditions
  • Contacts: contact information for friends and extended family members; neighbors who have access to your home; physicians and specialists; financial advisors or bankers; employer and benefits administrators; legal advisor


Travel Advisory Guidelines adopted in Floyd County!

The Floyd County Emergency Management Office in conjunction with the Indiana Dept. of Homeland Security and the Floyd County Commissioner's announced the adoption of a travel advisory system to be in effect in Floyd County. Additional information will be provided on this website to reflect the travel advisory levels.

Travel Advisory Levels and General Information - Sample Document (pdf)

Winter Weather Advisory Levels - Sample Document (pdf)

The Floyd County Emergency Management Agency is taking application requests for (CERT) Community Emergency Response Team members. The CERT team, which will be forming in August of 2007, is now taking membership application requests from the general public (persons not affiliated with any other fire, police, and EMS agencies). Persons interested in applying for membership should contact the EMA office. Also any emergency response agency member who would be interested in becoming a CERT team instructor should contact the EMA office at 948-5454 or the director’s cell at 502-552-8323. For more information on CERT teams please visit the Citizen Corp’s Web site at www.citizencorps.gov/cert.

Click below to apply to become a member of Floyd County's CERT Team! The application is a PDF document.


Could you provide your personal medical information in a timely manner in an emergency situation?

In an emergency situation, people may not be able to get to their medical records. The “Keep It With You” (KIWY) Personal Medical Information Form is intended to be a voluntary and temporary record that lists medical care and other health information for people who need care during disasters and similar situations. It is important for health care workers to have a simple and reliable way to learn information about past and new health concerns for people receiving help. Print out a copy of the "Keep It With You" Medical Information Form and keep this information in a secure place for future reference.

"Keep It With You" Medical Information Form for emergencies (pdf)

Meetings & Events:

EMA Advisory Board
Meets once a Quarter
Meetings start at 5:00pm

LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee)
Meets once a Quarter
Meeting starts at 6:00pm

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