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Welcome to the website of Floyd County Government. This site has been developed to serve the residents, businesses and visitors with the information necessary to live, work and visit Floyd County, Indiana.


Floyd County GIS Mapping

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Floyd County 2016
Holiday Schedule


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Floyd County Government Building Open/Closed Status
In the event the City-County Building will be closed or on a delayed opening due to weather conditions, please call the number listed below for information. If the voicemail message does not contain current days date, the building is operating under normal hours.

Building Open/Closed Status Phone

Edwardsville Spring Clean Event & Movie

Spring Clean event will be starting at 8 AM – Tunnel Hill Church and the movie in park will be at Edwardsville Garry Cavan Park at dusk – Inside Out is the movie – tomorrow Saturday, May 21.

Subdivision Road Improvements

The following subdivisions will be treated with a fog sealant on county roads starting May 24-May 26.  Application will start at 9PM.  Forest Hills, Quailwood (Quailwood Drive, Thrush and Covey Court) and Bent Creek.  Please see attached notice to contact contractor with questions on accessibility.

Road Improvement Update

Floyd County Primary Election Results Posted Below

Floyd County Primary Election Results (pdf)

Floyd County Primary Precinct Results (pdf)

E-Filing Now Available in Floyd County Circuit & Superior Courts

Floyd County Clerk Christy Eurton announces, E-filing is now available in the Floyd County Circuit and Superior Courts for many civil and criminal case types. Floyd is the seventh county to begin using the statewide e-filing system for trial court cases. Additional counties are scheduled to begin e-filing by mid-year. For more information please visit

Bridge Installed at Kevin Hammersmith Memorial Park

After 2 long days and many semi-trailers loaded with bridge sections, Floyd County's newest bridge was installed. With lots of detailing work left to complete the project, it should be prepared for construction (Kevin Hammersmith Memorial Park improvements) traffic in early May! A big thank you to the Fulkerson Contracting, Inc. crew for a job well done!! If you were around Charlestown Road and I 265 you noticed a very large crane. It was the centerpiece of the installation by exemplar staff from Padgett Cranes. Contech (bridge manufacturer) and CivilCon (bridge design) had lots of staff on hand to make sure the installation went perfect! In addition, a huge THANK YOU to the Northside Christian Church staff and patrons for their patience with the road closure during the installation. More updates on the Kevin Hammersmith Memorial Park will continue throughout 2016!

 Click here for a photo of the new bridge at Hammersmith Memorial Park

Floyd County Clerk's Office Website
The Floyd County Clerk's office has released a new comprehensive, responsive website designed for improved access to election information, public records, court case information, court dates and much more.

For more information please visit


Enhanced eGIS
Floyd County recently adopted FCO 2015-IV. In which the county will start charging for enhanced access to GIS information. This will take effect July 6, 2015. The fees will be $15 per month, $40 a quarter or $125 per year. Please go to for more information as it becomes available.

There will be meetings at the Pine View Government Center, 2524 Corydon Pike New Albany, Indiana. They will be on Wednesday June 17 and Thursday June 18th to discuss how this would affect you.

Please feel free to contact Chris Moore at 812-949-5446 if you have questions about Floyd County’s Enhanced eGIS program.

Floyd County eGIS Subscription Service Flyer

Floyd County Ordinance FCO2015-IV


Floyd County Indiana Tree Limb Policy
The Floyd County Road Dept. is responsible for keeping Limbs picked up along Floyd County Road easements.

Floyd County Limb Policy Guide Lines:
Floyd county Residents may call the Floyd county Road Dept. to pick up Limbs at their address. Limbs should be placed along roadside with cut edge out for Chipper. Limbs should not exceed 5" in diameter (so not to DAMAGE Chipper).

Items that Chipper will not take:
LOGS-Stumps-Shrubs-Vines-Yard Waste Leaves-Limbs with fencing in it-No Limbs exceeding 5" in Diameter Evergreen Limbs ect. (This will Damage Chipper)

Floyd County Policy Concerning Contractors/Tree Services/Residents clearing off property.

  • Floyd County will not pick up Contractors Debris from clearing off lots.
  • Floyd County will not pick up Debris after Tree services that are working for a Resident of Floyd Co.
  • Floyd County will not pick up Debris From a Resident that pays someone to Clear Property off
  • Floyd County will not pick up Large Amounts of Debris From Residents just because they cleaned it up , this would be responsibility of Property owner
  • Floyd County has the right to refuse limbs in cases of abuse to Floyd County Limb policy.

Floyd County Commissioners